Our methodologies include in-person, online, mobile and more. We approach each project individually to determine the best way to achieve the objectives, often mixing methodologies or coming up with something brand new.

Our work is high-quality, but we understand the importance of speed. We are able to work within tight timeframes to deliver results while they are still relevant.

We have a capable and experienced core team, as well as a deep network of partners, contractors and specialists whom we bring in as needed, enabling us to take on projects of any size and scope. 

We have a passion for finding the best, most authentic and articulate participants for all of our studies. In fact, this drive led us to create a sister agency, Doing Good Research, that is focused on using innovative methods for recruiting the best research participants. If you are a researcher looking for a better way to fill your recruit, let DGR help you.


We are always looking for interesting and articulate people to participate in our studies and those of our clients. If you’d like to be considered for an upcoming study then please “like” the Doing Good Research Facebook page and fill out a brief participant application, located here. We post opportunities on our Facebook page often, and may also contact you individually as appropriate opportunities arise.